Post Production Services

Need further help editing your production?

The Possibilities Are Endless!

Ambient Skies Productions knows that the editing room is where the magic comes alive. The right eye can evoke precise emotion with beautiful cuts that tell a story and leaves you feeling compelled. We have access to state of the art video post production facilities and talented professionals to guide you through the 3rd phase of your production adventure. Our resources expand offering visual effects, animation, & sound design.

Video production Company Phoenix

Let us complete your video by adding those finishing touches!



Video production Company Phoenix


Creating an EDL is the best way to accomplish desired post production objectives. Not only will a proper EDL help determine a work flow,, but it will keep deliverables on time.

Video production Company Phoenix


Video editing also includes color corection, motion graphics, animation, CGI & other post production services.

Video production Company Phoenix


We just created this great video for you, what’s next? Whose your audience and how will they find your video? Consult with us today, increase your business traffic with effective video distribution.

Here is what we can do for you

Video Editing Phoenix

Video Editing

We provide professional video editing services and solutions… start your post production work flow the right way and put your project in the right hands to achieve the ultimate cut you desire.

Video Color Correction Phoenix

Color Correction

Bring your footage to life by enhancing the wide spectrum of color that is captured in any given shot. Change the mood of a scene or bring continuity between unevenly lit shots.

Sound Design Phoenix

Sound Design

We offer professional sound design services and solutions that cater to the motion picture industry. From scoring to sound FX, to mixing and mastering…We will bring your sound design needs to a reality.

Video Effects Phoenix

Video Effects

We will set your project up with a team of creative artists that achieve fantastic results. VFX needs are growing abundant now-a-days and we are here to help put the right magic into your scene.

Motion Graphics Phoenix

Motion Graphics

Add the right touch to your project with logo's, keyrons, or credits that catch the eye and blend well with the overall style. Add that professional edge that your video needs.

Animation Phoenix


We offer professional animation services and solutions and will provide the right team of creative animators to suit your projects needs. From advanced to basic animation… we can accommodate you to bring your vision from the page to the screen.


Post Production Services

I’ve used Ambient Skies several times for corporate and personal videos. There is not a better video production company in Arizona. Ambient Skies are absolute perfectionists during shoots and also act as a marketing are to assist their clients with new ideas.

Alex King – Director of recruiting for Integrate

Video production services phoenix



years producing & coordinating video productions




commercial, motion picture and corporate video productions




cameraman, video crew & other media experts hired




video content campaigns produced, edited & distributed


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