Creative Development

Our team of producers can’t wait to discuss your vision and start the process of collaboration. In development, we’ll assist, guide, and execute alongside vetted professionals who know the best approach to pre-visualization. From storyboards and scripts to talent acquisition, scouting and more, we’ll meticulously detail our production upfront.

Production Services

Whether you’re in need of extra crew on a traveling production or you’re looking for a professional team to oversee and execute everything, Ambient has the right resources and crew standing by to take on your project. Location is no obstacle. We go where the story is.


Crewing up can be hard, but not with us. Ambient has a vast network of professionals itching to shoot your story to the best of their abilities. These are people who take pride in projects big and small. We can save you time, money, and worry. Let’s get the cameras rolling.

Specialty Ops

Are you looking to get in the water or up in the air? We can help with that. Our specialty ops come with years of knowledge as well as trial and error. Don’t waste time or risk expensive gear. Ambient has a network of skilled professionals who can operate at the highest level.

Video Production

Looking for a team of creatives to take your vision and roll with it? Good thing you found us. We’ll guide you through all stages of production and manifest an end deliverable that exceeds expectations. Our team’s vast resources and experience combined with our unique approach is why we’ve worked with clients like Speedo and Prada.


A stills photographer with years of experience with all types of production. Does this sound like what you’re looking for? We thought so. You’ll be glad to know that we have a wide network of ready and able professionals who can capture the imagery you need. Consult with our producers and see how we can help.

Post Production

The third and final phase is always the most important. That’s where all the magic really comes alive -- if you choose the right team. Ambient has access to luxury post facilities as well as talented editors, designers, and animators ready to do your footage justice. 

Talent Acquisition

Looking to secure A list talent, but you haven’t got a clue about the first step? That’s all good, we can help with that. Our producers will consult you, figure out who you’re looking for, and actively pursue getting talent involved in your project. Raise the bar on your next production by acquiring top influencers.