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Ambient Skies Productions is a team of creative producers specializing in professional video production and audio recording. From single gorilla style corporate videography, to full commercial and motion picture productions; we offer a wide variety of services tailored to both the Corporate & Entertainment industries.

Known for quick turnaround times and quality results, ASP offers true professionalism at competitive rates. Consult with us today to check equipment and operator availability for your next video or film!

Some Of Our Clients

Boys and Girls Club of America
Radical Media
Sharp Media
Boys and Girls Club of America
Sharp Media
Radical Media

Soul Management – DJ Highnoone

Need a really sick video, look no further these guys rock

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Ambient Skies REEL 2009 - 2013

5 years of cinematography and video production cut down to 1 reel, check it out and let us know what you think!

Integrate Recruiting Video

Integrate powers customer acquisition by integrating your media programs and prospect data with your marketing and sales systems. This is the company's recruiting video for potential employees. Visit today and see what's missing from your marketing cloud.

Boys and Girls Club Documentary

Every year the Boys and Girls Club relies on donations to keep itself afloat. Many kids from low income families around the world depend on the boys and girls club to keep their kids out of trouble and off the street. Some families even depend on the BGC to help feed their children, preventing starvation worldwide. This documentary aims to bring awareness about the Boys and Girls Club and why it is important as a community to help keep this organization going for the future children to come.

TIC Promotional Video 2012

In 2012, The Instant Classics hired Ambient Skies Productions to create a Promo Video for their live act. Live music was recorded the day of production and used throughout the video. The video featuring covers from Fleetwood Mac, Adele, Stevie Wonder, Journey, and Lady Gaga. For more information on the video production involved, visit today.

Negnu Studios Promotional Video 2013

Negnu hired Ambient Skies Productions to create a Promotional video for their company upon opening their services to the public. Negnu is a production facility equipped with a Rental House, a Cyclorama, and a team of producers to help with marketing campaigns for companies lead by the Owner of the company, Pierre, a Haitian man who recently established his business here after he was forced to flee Haiti after the earthquakes in 2010.

Auction Nation Philosophical

Auction Nation is an online auction company that has locations in Phoenix, Tucson, Albuquerque, and Milwaukee. They specialize in Auto Auctions, Estate Auctions, Charity Auctions, Firearm Auctions, Business Liquidations, and Government Surplus. This video educates the public about the company's philosophy and how they incorporate into Auction Nation. You can contact Auction Nation at (844) 411 - AUCTION or visit their website at

Globaltranz Culture

Grobaltranz is a freight logistics company driven by technology. Here is a video about their employee culture over at the River Walk facility located in Scottsdale, AZ.


video production motion control

Motion Control is something that people are going to start seeing a lot more of when viewing independently produced videos. This new wave of technology is definitely going to be raising the bar for cinematographers around the world. Why, might you ask... Because for the first time ever, motion control systems and equipment are affordable for the low budget shooter, thanks to companies like Kessler and camBLOCK who have been developing and designing motion control products for the past few years.

company video production

In our fast moving world as we know it today, things change rapidly... including technology. It seems every average Joe has some sort of camera that shoots "HD" these days and has some runt of the mill editing software. This has opened up a new opportunity for businesses to cut corners when creating a company video to represent their company. But is it a good idea to cut corners when representing the business?