Director: John Schaus

Below is a body of work produced and directed by John Schaus. John has worked both directly and indirectly with many brands in Healthcare including Cooper Vision, Siemens Healthcare, Plexus Worldwide, Remarkable Health, Vitalant, Vision Source, The Pain Center & more. From writing and developing the creative, to executing a creative vision from the agency, John is comfortable in both environments and keeps the art of storytelling front and center.

As a director, John has been making a name for himself on a national advertisement level since surviving the pandemic with his Production Company of 12 years and stepping into more of a director role.  He is known to be very calm with his approach on larger commercial sets because of the crazy amount of organization he puts together leading into every production.  He has the ability to direct talent to feel extremely comfortable in any setting and has worked with many healthcare patients in his career who aren't professional actors.  Some of whom are dealing with a life threatening illness.  Capturing authenticity in its purest form has created a sense of humility for John.  He has many brand anthem videos in his body of work and works directly with kiddos regularly.

As a producer, John has been known to pull off the impossible. John has executed many large scale projects that come with multiple motion & still deliverables. Running his own production company for 12+ years has given John a ton of experience when it comes to being resourceful. This has led him to the point of executing many national projects that start around $150k-$200k and go up from there.

For this Children's Health campaign, we have included a body of work that touches on Commercial, Emotive, Healthcare & Lifestyle. John feels like this campaign is a perfect fit for his team to execute and looks forward to the opportunity to present a treatment.