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Our favorite clients are repeat clients. California Pools and Landscape and Ambient Skies have sustained a strong working relationship since 2015, that consisted of on-going video production and aid towards their digital marketing efforts.

Over the years, Ambient has executed several commercials for both digitally and television exhibition, as well as, a number of inter-company videos. With productions all over the Phoenix valley, CPL has utilized the majority of Ambient’s services including a number of necessary specialty operator services such as Aerial photography, Hydroflex Underwater photography, and Phantom High Speed photography.

There’s no challenge CPL has offered that ASP has not been able to complete. 


When you think about relaxation, what crosses your mind? We kept going back to one word: utopia. So our location scouts worked in tandem with CPL to pick some of their best installations for the commercial spot. We then took stills, made a plan, and picked the one with the best views of magic hour and the most unique design features. After that, we moved into production and started rolling cameras. Only weeks later CPL approved the edit and we debuted. 

What gear best supports
production for a pool company?


Underwater cinematography opens a new world to viewers. There are not many companies in the world who can shoot with these kids of cameras and housing, especially in the desert. We value our crew’s experience and expertise in these areas. And so does CPL. That’s why we continue to work together for all spots needing extensive shoots under and above water. We pride ourselves on being able to do the impossible in glorious 8k. 


Times change, but CPL continues to deliver the same magnificent pools and landscapes one decade at a time. But how do they keep the public up to date on that knowledge? By allowing our video and marketing teams to work with their internal advisors, we devised a multilayered plan of attack that keeps CPL current, at the top of the mind, and finding new customers every year. 


For this spot, we took over casting and location scouting to hit ideal demo targets for CPL. We decided on a simple pan shot for the crux of the commercial, and lit the site consistently for an afternoon shoot. But things weren’t that simple. We also employed drone photography, water-safe housing, and several jib-moves to give a relaxed and natural feeling. We tell a story about family togetherness, fun, and relaxation time, all in under a minute. 


There’s something special about soaking in a pool in your own backyard. Our repeated business with CPL has been incredibly fun. During the creative development for Calpool’s lifestyle recreation, our producers felt that adding a still photographer to our process was vital. Our photographer shot over the shoulder of our video crew and simultaneously captured an array of photos that Calpool has used for marketing from their website, to social media ads, to print collateral and showroom wall wraps.


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Have a project in mind?
We can't wait to hear from you!

The easiest ways to get in touch with us are to request a meeting, give us a call, or shoot us an email.

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