How To Use Storytelling in Healthcare Marketing For Greater ROI

“The best bridge between a presenter and an audience,” someone once wrote, “is a story.”

Healthcare advertisements that evoke empathy with information forge stronger and more memorable connections. That’s where storytelling comes into play. 

Last year, Healthcare companies spent around $36 billion on advertising. These advertisements came in all shapes and sizes, from the ones that show people in bathtubs on hillsides, to the ones that introduce us to consumers with a serious problem. 

The one thing that differentiates the more successful ads from the others is that they emphasize not the company or just the solution to someone’s problem, but the story behind them. 


Storytelling is one of, if not the, most important tenements of advertising for the Healthcare Industry. The power of the moving image can create empathy, a call to action, and foster measured growth audience appeal, as well as differentiate you from the competition. 

But creating storytelling that works in the Healthcare industry is challenging. Consumers are smart, motivated, and need companies that not only understand that, but understand that an empathetic and interested approach to storytelling will take their brand further than they ever could have imagined. 

Let’s dig into some strategies that can help your storytelling marketing work in healthcare

The Science Behind The ROI Of Storytelling In Healthcare


On functional MRI scans, many different areas of the brain light up when someone is listening to a narrative. 

In a recent NPR article,  Uri Hasson, professor of psychology and neuroscience at Princeton University, says that as we hear a story unfold, our brain waves actually start to synchronize with those of the storyteller. That means the person telling the story is in control of the emotions the listener feels.

In short, storytelling is the act of weaving a narrative in order to elicit a response from the audience.

“Doctor-speak”, tech-talk or clinical details can make target audience listeners’ eyes glaze over. The more relatable and effective form is real patient storytelling. It creates greater patient awareness, understanding, and compliance.

Thus when a healthcare company tells an engaging story, people are far less likely to ignore it and far more likely to engage with and remember it. 

They engage because they relate to the characters, who are sometimes real people who share their same problems, and they want to know what happens next. They want to see how their character solves their problem.

And they remember it because it’s a story about them.

A study from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business found that when people listened to pitches only 5% recalled a statistic, but 63% of people remembered the stories at the center of those pitches.

According to Forbes, storytelling should be a priority for all marketers.

What are the 3 Goals of Storytelling in Healthcare?

We tell stories so that complex, uninteresting topics become more relatable and compelling to our target consumers, but very direct results in ROI can be achieved through storytelling.

Measured Growth

We are genetically wired to love and respond to stories, By social-izinge your storytelling content, you can easily expand your consumer base and brand awareness. 81% of marketers found that increased traffic occurred with as little as six hours per week invested in social media marketing with compelling content.

Increased Brand Recall

A recall happens when the brand's name pops up in a consumers' minds when the need or necessity arises. There are so many healthcare commercials and print ads out there but only a compelling story sticks. When you wrap your message into a story, people pay more attention and retain more information about your brand and service.

Audience Connection

As discussed , stories can be up to 22 times more memorable than facts. Stories create real emotions that forge real connections with people. The right storyteller can bring that audience in and make the message so digestible that they forget they’re being marketed to and just enjoy the story.  

The 4 Pillars of Storytelling in Healthcare

There are four pillars in order to achieve a compelling story in Healthcare Marketing



People connect with other real people, not companies. They connect with real emotions, problems, hopes and dreams. Healthcare is a business, about making real people’s lives better and easier. It’s about healing and living. Conquering overwhelming challenges and facing all odds. Whether it’s medicine to alleviate pain, or a new technology that can help someone walk, or even just an insurance plan that can give a family peace of mind, it's always about real people and their real experiences. People love a story but more especially, people love their story, or a story they can relate to.

Every good story has a problem (drama) and a solution (payoff). It’s what your audience can relate to and why they will choose to pay attention. The problem needs to be clear, well-defined, and be directly linked to the solution you are presenting to your audience to reinforce why they need you.





Is there a greater calling behind the narratives and visuals you’re producing? Your purpose behind what you’re selling becomes the purpose, the why behind telling this story. And it’s the Why  that audience members will connect to and the problems in it. The purpose unifies the  all 4 pillars and it inspires the final payoff.

As with all good stories, We need to see what happens to the people in the end. Did they succeed? Did they overcome their obstacles?? Is the drama resolved? A great story  involves relatable people, their problems, their journey to find their solution, the purpose that drives them,  And ends with The payoff, the story’s resolution. The payoff is why your audience will stick around. It makes us feel like the world is right again, it gives hope. And hope inspires action. By making sure your story has a great payoff you will Inspire your target customer to take action and engage your brand to seek the solution to their problem.


Pay Off

4 Kinds of Storytelling in Healthcare Advertisements

There are four certain kinds of stories that will get the audience to sit up and pay attention.  We have seen that these four also directly align with most healthcare campaigns. 

#1 Consumer Identification

These are the stories  that start with “Do you ever feel like…” or “Have you been suffering with….?”

Your story starts with the identification of the problem your consumer is facing, then takes the consumer through a journey that ends with how your product can solve their problem  

A great example of this is this 5-Hour Energy commercial.

#2 Conflict Resolution

These kinds of stories are about a problem and its solution. You want to tell a story that shows someone overcoming the hurdles.  A fine example would be this campaign from CoxHealth trying to get seniors feeling better. 


Nothing gives hope better than a little inspiration. Nothing drives action like hope.Healthcare marketing, at its core, is about giving hope. Inspirational ads usually tackle a huge problem, with either our character or maybe real-life documentary series. 

#4 Case Studies or Real Patient Stories

Real patient stories are an incredible way to relate to and generate empathy from your target consumer. They incorporate the other three kinds of stories as well. They can be inspirational, they can show how a conflict is resolved, and they can identify the consumers who may have similar circumstances. 

Ambient did an amazing real patient story last year with Vitalent where we followed a kid named Quade’s battle with leukemia. Thankfully, Quade was able to recover and now his story inspires others, and his case was able to be applied to help save other children.


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Custom Video & Photo

A custom video will set you apart so that you can stand out amongst the rest. We can creatively produce higher quality commercials, testimonials, vignettes, explainers, tours, etc. By taking a custom approach, you avoid lackluster videos that get you by, now you’ll have video content that proves results. Optimized for any delivery and decked out with custom VFX, sound design, and graphics, your videos are sure to shine brighter.

Branded Content 

Branded content can reveal your audience to the real you. Let our team of producers go behind the scenes with your staff and capture those candid moments that make your people so honest and great. Create company and lifestyle photos and videos that tell a story and speak to your customers, not at them.

Campaign Development & Catalog

Have you ever produced a library of content for your next campaign? Our team has created large content catalog’s for companies that are used from digital, to advertising to print. From creative development and production to influencer marketing and advertising, our team will produce several video and photo deliverables that compliment your brand’s messaging.

Case Study Videos

Help potential customers feel at ease by providing case study videos featuring your biggest ambassadors. You don’t have to talk yourself up, let those whose lives were impacted by your products do the talking for you. We will highlight the customer’s journey while taking an intimate step into their lives for authenticity.

Animated Explainers

Explainer videos can be stale, but they don’t have to be. Take it up a notch with an animated explainer video. We can customize engaging animated visuals that are complemented by tailored music and a vibrant voice over that will help explain anything you need.

Social Content

It’s important to stay relevant on all forms of social media. To do so efficiently, you have to have a lot of content in the tank. Build up a library of photos, video, animations, and more that are ready to use when the moment is right.

Our Experience Storytelling in the Healthcare Industry

We believe in the power of real emotion and storytelling within healthcare advertising. We’ve produced powerful stories in healthcare space for over a decade. Our approach, mission, and values have storytelling at the center. We employ a fully dedicated and local team, bringing an authentic storytelling approach to your content. While in strict compliance with HIPPA rules and regulations.


The Pain Center


An inspiring campaign working with aspiring olympic athletes for a a house hold name. This project was challenging as being the first live action production since the Pandemic started. Our producers kept everyone safe, and we walked away with compelling imagery that will be launched in 2021.

We Produce Healthcare Sensitive Content
(with a Return on Investment)

When it comes to commercials and advertising campaigns, no one has to tread a thinner tightrope than the Healthcare Industry.  

Working with the healthcare industry is something we pride ourselves on. Over our collective thirty years in the business weve master working with HIPAA and have  establish edourselves with some top-tier healthcare marketing partner brands.




A chance to work with the respected auto industry influencer, Chris Mangum, on his custom MAD Industries build of the new 2021 Bronco Sport. The hype of this vehicle did not disappoint. Topping it off by filming professional mountain bikers Kyle & Rachel Strait in Sedona for that epic scenic backdrop.



A chance to work with the respected auto industry influencer, Chris Mangum, on his custom MAD Industries build of the new 2021 Bronco Sport. The hype of this vehicle did not disappoint. Topping it off by filming professional mountain bikers Kyle & Rachel Strait in Sedona for that epic scenic backdrop.


Build trust and loyalty by telling
the story of your customer

71% of people will lose trust in a brand if they feel that the brand is “putting profit over people,” especially during the pandemic. 

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Recently rebranded, this local Solar provider was in need of an entire catalog's worth of content. Our team spent several months producing a wide range of video and photo content used for advertising. This content was used for each part of the funnel to engage and nurture their prospects into life long customers.


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Have a project in mind?
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