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Paragon Vision Sciences and Ambient Skies have been engaged in a partnership since 2016 consisting of on-going video production and content creation. Our team has produced everything from commercials and documentaries, to animated educational content. Paragon Vision utilizes our full tier of production services from creative development - to production - to post - to distribution strategies. Ambient’s team of creatives and producers work with Paragon’s marketing team to develop compelling content that is congruent with their brand’s message.

It's your life, see it without limits

Paragon’s newest campaign is centered around athletes and the need for freedom from daytime glasses and contacts for competitive sports activity. Our team spent 3 months working with different talent agencies to find potential partnership opportunities for Paragon Vision.

The nature of this task was not as simple as the candidates had to be a specific range of Nearsighted. After honing in on a few selects, we chose professional rock climber, Sierra Blair-Coyle. We were shocked to find Sierra as she has been wearing Paragon CRT® contact lenses since she was 9 years old. 

Ambient had several creative deliverables on this project including a Commercial, Mini Documentary, Facebook Ads & Compelling Photo content to use for digital marketing. Learn more about Sierra’s experience wearing Paragon CRT® contact lenses in the Mini Documentary.

Sierra Blair-Coyle, Professional Rock Climber

Mother's Day Tribute

Paragon Vision’s main demographic is Children, and more specifically, their parents who choose this technology for their child. Paragon asks us to create heart felt content that paid a tribute to mothers around the world who sacrifice their lives to inspire us to be the best that we can be. The need for innovative technology to help the less fortunate is always needed.

We came across an inspiring story through a local charitable organization, Arizona Disabled Sports, about a young athlete, Kevin Messner, who lost his leg as a little boy. Our producers quickly casted Kevin for a production that would tell his story in a 60 second commercial. An actress plays Kevin’s mother in the commercial which essentially allowed us to fully articulate Paragon’s core message. It was important to capture the essence of his mothers support and the profound effect it can have on a child's development.

“We don’t just change vision, we change lives” - Paragon Vision mission statement. This campaign focuses on just that, as Paragon salutes all moms who fight hard to better their children’s lives daily.

Kevin Messner, Disabled Athlete

This Mother’s Day campaign was not complete without documenting real moms who live this mentality day in, day out. Ambient followed the stories of three hard working moms around Mother’s Day and captured the authentic gratitude their children have for them. We also spent 2 days in the streets of Phoenix asking random people one question - “What does #momsvision mean to you?” We stumbled upon some heartwarming stories that’ll make you wanna stop what you’re doing and call your mom to tell her how much you love her.

Protecting Potential

Paragon Vision wants your child to reach their fullest potential in a world full of obstacles. Ambient developed a campaign to spread awareness about Nearsightedness in children, and educate viewers how these revolutionary contact lenses are worn overnight. Paragon CRT® has the ability to open opportunities when it comes to children’s development.

Animated Explainers

Everybody needs a little help when it comes to figuring something out. Paragon wants to lend you a helping hand with your new Paragon CRT® contact lenses with this new animation created by Ambient. You wear them overnight while you sleep so you can wake up in the morning with clear vision, free from daytime contacts or glasses.

Myopia is a worldwide epidemic that increases by 1% every year. We helped PVS create a motion graphic video that explains the genetic and environmental reasons why people develop myopia also known as nearsightedness. It also explains the symptoms and the possible dangers that could develop if not treated at some point to slow down the progression.


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Have a project in mind?
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The easiest ways to get in touch with us are to request a meeting, give us a call, or shoot us an email.

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