Tether Tools

Product launches can be a stressful time, but not with Ambient Skies. After shopping RFPs’ around and searching for the right candidates to collaborate with for the 2020 launch of their newest product, Tether Tools decided to roll with Ambient and embark on a two month process of creative development to showcase the “Air Direct”. In addition to social vignettes and instructional videos, we executed a successful two day production capturing content for a flagship commercial featuring professional photographer Drew Gurian & Modfire’s Brandon Williams. Ambient moved into post with all hands on deck to meet a quick turnaround by the new year. View the live campaign in action at Tethertools.com.


Creative, Production, Motion, Stills, Talent Acquisition


Creative, Production, Motion, Post, Stills


The Air Direct (flagship)
Retail Showcase
How to Use
Wireless with Air Direct


From Tether Tool’s convention journeys to their virtual awareness efforts for their new “Air Direct” product, this vignette aids in breaking down the features and explains the problems they’re solving for stills photographers everywhere. Learn more about their mission as a company.


Every product needs to clearly instruct their new users on how to properly use it. Instructional video is a great way to clarify things that may be unclear in print form or to reiterate important instructions. This worked especially well in Tether Tools’ case due to the visual aid it offers.

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