What are some popular trends for corporate video production in 2019?

By | Published November 24th, 2014 | in Types of Video Production

What are some popular trends for corporate video production in 2019?

Have you ever watched a video that was really good… and weren’t quite sure why it was so good? 

Unfortunately, there is not a quick and easy process to learning how to recreate that good video with little to no experience. There have been numerous trends arising over the last 2 years that have been taking corporate videos to the next level.

We are now seeing ways to advertise specific messages to specific demographics through online video marketing via a digital medium. 

But is this easy to do by yourself? Or is the knowledge it takes to produce quality results lead to outsourcing this form of advertisement for your business?

Here are 3 popular trends for corporate video production in 2019 that have actually been the forefront of successful video advertisement since the early 1990’s…

What are the popular trends for corporate video production (2019)?


1. Technique is everything with corporate video production!

Producers have been raising the bar immensely in 2019 even with basic corporate and online videos. Thanks to the rise of digital technology with film and television, the capabilities are close to being endless for what’s achievable in productions today. Of course the right technique takes years to “learn the basics….” and the costs associated with producing quality results definitely start adding up. 

According to the Online Video Production Trends Report34.3% of companies’ biggest challenge with producing quality video relates to budgetary constraints.

2. Creative video content matters!

Create a storyline! Interview the right demographic! Who is interesting or reminds you of a TV character at your work? Overacting tends to play very well with inexperienced talent. It is important to maintain a solid message with each video. Create a dialogue/story line even if the video only consists of footage and music. 

Cutting edge technique and style is achievable in a consumer market more so than ever thanks to how far technology has brought film making equipment. The use of video motion control, creative time-lapse, aerial drone video & DSLR film making in general… has allowed independent producers and companies to add highly engaging content to their videos at affordable measures. When we say affordable measures, please keep in mind that we are comparing the cost of creating a high definition motion picture 10 years ago to the cost today. 

3. Effective advertising with monthly video! 

That’s right, don’t stop producing videos after one! How will you ever improve? How is it possible that only one video will explain everything you need it to while keeping the viewer engaged the whole time? Most importantly, this isn’t Hollywood… We are talking about corporate videos!

So yes although technique and creative content is extremely important, do not obsess over one shot, one scene or even one video for that matter! The more videos you produce, the smarter your efforts will naturally be when it comes to preproduction and effective video making.

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