Supercharge Your Brand Awareness With Video Production Services

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Supercharge Your Brand Awareness With Video Production Services

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the entire planet. That means a well-shot and distributed video can make clients and potential clients aware of your services in an instant.

More and more, companies are flocking to video production services to create this kind of content day in and out. 

Video has captured the imagination of many marketers in recent years, as it is quickly becoming the most popular channel for developing brand awareness. 

Over 95 percent of B2B companies plan on using video marketing in the next year, according to research by Invodo. 

A big reason why businesses are turning to video production companies is because consumers prefer visuals. They are much more memorable than text. 

Today I want to go over some other reasons why you should consider video as an important marketing channel for increasing brand awareness. 

Let’s go.

Defining Your Brand

The power of video marketing can be explained by the fact that video is the medium that comes closest to making consumers feel they are in your showroom experiencing your brand. 

While reading about your products can increase consumer awareness, nothing beats visual product demonstrations to clarify what a product can do. 

These videos are evocative of the saying ‘prove it.’

You can stand out in anyone’s mind by showing them why they need you. 

Furthermore, video allows you to tell your story in a narrative that reminds consumers they are dealing with people and not just a faceless company. 

Combining personality with product information helps make your brand more memorable.

Picking a story that represents your brand is a genius way to emotionally invest the consumer as well. These videos and stories frequently go viral. 

Take the Nike ‘Carry Me’ advertisement. 

Millions of views in hours. Sure, they did it to sell sneakers. But they did it to make sure we know their brand will take care of you. 

How Video Marketing Creates Financial Benefits

One reason that so many businesses are emphasizing video production services is because informative videos are what many people like to share on social media. 

It gives consumers the benefit of feeling like they have discovered valuable information that they want to share with friends. 

If your video is hosted on YouTube and is properly tagged, it gains the double benefit of being indexed twice: once in Google Search and again in YouTube’s search engine. Social media sharing can expand video visibility even further, which sends authoritative signals to search engines, the main drivers of organic traffic to websites.

Videos also serve the double purpose of building your brand internally with your staff and externally with your target market. 

They can accelerate the learning curve for your trainees and for your potential customers. The reason videos can be valuable to your bottom line is that video testimonials help influence customer purchasing decisions. 

Ultimately, videos help people learn about your brand much faster, because they can be designed to answer common consumer concerns without the time constraints of standard broadcast commercials.

Think about this Dollar Shave Club ad that went viral. 

It not only explained who and what the brand is, but it personalizes the brand to the consumer. 

If you bought into them you bought into the idea of cool. 

You bought into the idea of American Made. 

And you bought into the idea of fighting ‘The big guy.’

You were on the side of a corporation without even knowing it. 

Why Video is the Ultimate Art-form

Video is the culmination of all forms of art. It can be used to showcase text, graphics, slideshow photography, motion pictures, animation, music and any other type of art imaginable. Out of all art-forms, video is most effective at driving home a message because of its ability to hold viewer attention.

Outdoor billboards are great for the ten seconds you see them as you drive by on the freeway. Radio commercials sound good for about five seconds until you change the station, searching for music. 

TV commercials last about sixty seconds, which is just enough time to go to the kitchen to grab something to eat or drink. 

But when people watch online video promotions, it’s usually something they specifically want to focus on and learn more about.

They will sit through anything to get to their video. 

If you get memorable content they might actually click. 

Take this Bounce ad that’s only six seconds long and hilarious. 

There’s no way that doesn’t stick in your head the next time you’re ordering laundry detergent!

Summing up How to increase brand awareness with video production services

As you now know, brand awareness is incredibly important for the future of your company. Hopefully, you’ve learned that the incorporation of video allows you to reach an entirely new level of the audience. 

Advertising is not easy, but you have to be malleable enough to keep up with the rapidly changing times if you want to stay relevant.  

The more your brand is known, the better your engagement with consumers. 

As always, talk with us if you have any questions. 

We’re always reachable in the comments!

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