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Remember when solar panels was the new thing on the block? Well if you don’t, that means I’m officially old.

Now-a-days solar companies are kind of everywhere, right? A new solar company seems to be popping up every other week. And with that kind of competition growing, a company like Suntria, a top tier solar power company,  needed a facelift to stand out amongst that rising tide of freshly formed solar companies.

In the Midst of the covid Pandemic, not all businesses were completely shut down. Suntria had their doors open. They were looking to team up with a diverse company that offered high- end production capabilities to create strong advertising content. Secondly, they needed a digital marketing company that could help with growth and provide a complete makeover. Luckily, Ambient could tackle all their needs under one roof.

We started off by going through a rebranding process that included everything from identity to messaging and campaign development. After a 3 month brand development phase, we then designed and built a custom website in collaboration with the company’s sales team to ensure we had a sales driven conversion path that integrated with the necessary marketing systems.  We also designed and created many pieces of marketing collateral from sales presentations, to vehicle wraps for an entire fleet, apparel & more. Learn more here.

Website designed by Ambient Skies for Suntria Solar

For months, the Ambient team collaborated with Suntria. Working out all of their digital marketing tasks and building them a strong website whereby traffic could be sent to. Next, it was time to focus on the content that would hopefully get the customers in the door.

After spending a month in pre-production, Ambient dove in head first in August and production was underway. Thanks to careful casting, efficient coordination, creative development and days of scouting the right locations for the two-day production, all ducks were in a row and they were off to the races.


Both days went off without a hitch. Suntria walked away with tons of content for their commercial ads. After spending the rest of the month in post production, by the end of August, the commercials were released and a fresh start for the solar company was underway.


Solar power is an ever growing source of energy. Especially in places like the southwest where it’s commonplace. It’s not unusual to see solar panels on your neighbors house or atop of covered parking lots or corporate buildings. The world needs more sustainable forms of energy production and everyone at Ambient are proponents of sustainability. So get on-board and say yes to solar power. It makes room for a cleaner and more united planet. And it’s the evolution of energy. Don’t fight it. Okay end of preach 🙂


Developing that ideal catchphrase isn’t just about being clever. It’s about speaking to your audience on their level and just being real. For Suntria, the phrase “Let Solar Power Your Life” means many things. It means let go of the old, destructive ways of acquiring energy and embrace healthier, smarter methods. Don’t waste money you could be saving by switching to solar. Caring for the environment and the future of all living beings. So it might be simple, but it’s saying a lot. And that’s an ideal catchphrase. 


In a commoditized industry, real people and their stories help drive future business. Our team had the opportunity to visit with several of Suntria’s customers throughout the valley. As everyone sang their solar provider praises, we got to hear first hand why Suntria Solar is becoming a name people recognize in the Solar industry .


The Solar industry is crazy competitive. And the way to stand out from the rest is by offering a personalized and engaging touch. Our producers developed several lead funnel videos that guide potential customers through every part of the buying and installation process. But we didn’t do all of the work. The dedicated and humble sales team at Suntria that made our jobs coaching them very easy. 

Suntria – The Evolution of Energy from Ambient Skies Productions on Vimeo.

Suntria – Let Solar Power Your Life from Ambient Skies Productions on Vimeo.

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