Ambient Skies Helps Ford Unveil The New Bronco At SEMA

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Ambient Skies Helps Ford Unveil The New Bronco At SEMA

The Bronco is back!?

And the Ambient team was beyond jazzed. All of them grew up either owning a Bronco or remember riding around in one as a kid. They were beefy. They were dependable. And there hasn’t been a new model since the mid 90’s when O.J. put the dagger into their reputation… no pun intended.

Needless to say, they took a very long break understandably and now the wait is over. Enough time has passed. The world’s a different place now where people won’t associate the look and feel of the beloved vehicle with that awful incident.


New FORD BRONCO at MAD Industries


The producers over at Imagination Agency were in need of a professional production team in AZ. A team that could execute a 2 day documentary production for Ford’s new Bronco and turned around in time to premiere at SEMA’s Auto Nights virtual car show. After vetting multiple production companies around the valley, the rates and experience with documentary work was a direct fit for their needs. 


Ambient approached the challenge like any other, by gaining a clear understanding from the client as to what they wished to achieve and pulling references to help guide them in. After some meetings and deliberating, they were on the same page.

From there, it was a matter of putting the right crew members together and acquiring the right gear. With this particular production, they needed to work remotely onsite in the great outdoors in Sedona AZ.

And so they approached that aspect of the challenge by traveling to the sites they wished to shoot at beforehand. They needed to scout the proper areas and coordinate a schedule that would fit within two 10 hour days. As well as, figure out the gear wishlist.

The ultimate solution… focused teamwork, rigorous location scouting and a strong understanding of what was expected of them. From there it was all about doing what they do best and executing on the highest level all while creating a professional environment for the talent and crew to work within.

Start @ 25:00 in


Learn about some of the people and brands that collaborated on the project.


Chris Mangum

Chris Mangum, Auto Industry Influencer

Chris Mangum of MAD Industries has built numerous show automobiles, trucks, bikes and boats in the last 20 years for top manufacturers along with key aftermarket automotive accessory companies for marketing and display.


Kyle Strait

Kyle Strait, Professional MTB Biker

To the mountain-bike community, Kyle Strait needs no introduction. On the bike, he was an absolute child prodigy, and entered his first Rampage when he was just a young teenager. We targeted Kyle and his wife Rachel for this piece because of their outdoor enthusiast lifestyle.


Rachel Strait

Rachel Strait, Professional MTB Biker

Rachel Strait is a professional women’s enduro mountain bike racer and wife to two-time Red Bull Rampage winner Kyle Strait. Being an outdoor enthusiast like her husband, she was a perfect candidate to join alongside him.


Kyle and Rachel Strait in Sedona AZ


Ford built the new Bronco with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. Sleek, more compact, and smaller, but with the same power that the old broncos embodied. They tasked MAD industries with pushing the Bronco to its limits and preparing it for the ultimate outdoor excursion.

By carefully selecting accessories like lift kits from Four Wheel Parts, all-terrain tires from K02, cargo and racking solutions, a slim-shady awning from Yakima and more. Ambient joined up with MAD to set out and capture the tricked out Bronco in all of its glory while it was put to the ultimate test in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.


Chris Mangum and The Straits


MAD industries put the ultimate build together, but we needed a pair of true outdoor enthusiasts to test the Bronco and all of its abilities. Who better than Kyle and Rachel Strait, a husband and wife duo who are both professional downhill biking competitors.

After swapping places with Chris Magnum from MAD and putting the keys in the ignition, they set off on an adventure to find some of the best trails Sedona has to offer and the red rock mountains did not disappoint.

The couple was thoroughly impressed with the Bronco’s handling and ability to store all the gear they needed with ease. Boasting that they are now considering picking up the 2021 Bronco for their own family.


New FORD Bronco 2021

Want to see the full case study and learn how our team solved major challenges with tis one? Check out the full case study here.



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