5 Misconceptions about Post-Production

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5 Misconceptions about Post-Production

The post process on any project can be tedious and frustrating. If you don’t live or work in that world you might have a ton of questions about how or why things happen.

When dealing with someone who is new to the post production process, it is very typical of them to expect and assume certain things that are not quite accurate. 

There seems to be a lot of misconceptions about the subject and what it entails. 

So we’re going to clear up some of these fallacies and give you the correct information so you can avoid making these assumptions with your next post endeavor. 

Let’s fix it in post! 

5 Misconceptions about Post Production

1. There is a magical preset for everything.

I’ve been asked way too many times to include fancy titles with tailored animation to accompany the video or add an explosion there or erase an object from a shot here, etc.

Sometimes it’s assumed that it’s as simple as a few clicks of a button. And not only that, some also assume there is no extra charge for these services and that it’s a part of the editing job they are paying for. 

Not true.

These are all separate services in the post production process. And each one of these services has to be done manually in a program tailored to execute the job and can oftentimes be very tedious. 

So keep that in mind with your next gig if you’re that producer who expects a little too much from your editor.

2. Post production is a quick process. 

In the current day and age, instant gratification seems to be a hot topic. Everybody wants what they want when they want it. When it comes to video editing and other post services, you’re gonna have to wait. 

The process takes time because there are many steps such as the organization of files, importing and editing, coloring, titles, VFX and animation if needed, and finally — rendering. Not to mention the lengthy process of revising the cut. 

No matter what the service, each one includes render time, but with animation, expect to be waiting longer than you think. For example, rendering in 3D programs can take days at a time for only 8 seconds of animation. 

The main point being, patience pays off. Avoid scheduling unrealistic deadlines for your projects. 

3. Post production costs a lot of money 

Because of the advent of low-cost consumer editing programs, some clients may think post services can be acquired for a small fee. 

If you are contacting a professional editor or production company to handle your project, then it’s a guarantee that they’re using programs and equipment that cost thousands to purchase. 

These programs and gear raise the bar in terms of efficiency and quality. 

A professional editor or engineer also has proper education and experience that allows them to get your project done in a timely manner while meeting clients’ expectations. 

You’re paying for a guarantee when you purchase professional post services. 

The main point being, the amount charged is often justified if you are dealing with honest and ethical people who value their skill level.

4. You can’t do it all on a laptop

I’ve heard people claim to get projects completely finished on a laptop. 

This is possible for some projects — I do it when I have to, but it’s just not possible to get it ALL done on a laptop. 

If you are getting into certain animation programs and other audio programs, they typically will only work on certain operating systems that meet their requirements which usually consists of beefing up a tower that can handle the workload without over heating, causing internal damage, or crashing and destroying project files. 

Many times for rendering purposes, computers are hooked up to a render farm. 

This is a room filled with computer towers that are all linked together to help render one project quicker. 

The main takeaway is that laptops can’t handle everything so if the quality you’re receiving from your editor or VFX artist doesn’t quite match your expectations, inquire about the system they’re editing on. 

5. I get an endless amount of revisions, right? 


With most post production services, you do indeed get revisions for your project, but it is not an endless amount.  

Often, clients may try to take advantage of the editors during the revision process and demand an overabundance of revisions. 

A good way to avoid this is to be very thorough when putting together the first list of revisions and catching things the first time. In my experience, many revisions for various projects could have been avoided by spending the time needed to efficiently analyze the rough cut. It is also suggested that you include the number of revisions that will be rendered in the initial contract to clear up any misunderstanding later down the road, this also forces the client to take the time needed to gather most of or all the revisions, the first time around. 

Summing up 5 Misconceptions about Post Production

Now that you understand more about post, you should have the skills to make sure you don’t waste money or bug your editor.

If you want to be loved, be the person who drops of donuts and coffee in the morning and goes on a burger run if they miss dinner.

Your editor and post team can be your best friends or worst enemy.

If you don’t know or understand something, kill them with a little kindness.

It goes a very long way.

Happy shooting!

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