5 Ways to spot incompetent video production companies

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5 Ways to spot incompetent video production companies

Video content will reign supreme for the foreseeable future. It’s incredibly important for you and your company to keep up in a changing world. 

To capture the attention, business, and loyalty of your website’s visitors, it’s important to consistently create engaging videos that inspire the viewers to feel something.

The most successful businesses are marketing their brand by creating video content that is both high in quantity and quality

By regularly posting videos to your website and social media outlets, it’s possible to create a loyal audience who eventually become ambassadors of your brand. 

That’s why it is so disheartening to work with a fraudulent production company. 

Incompetence hurts morale and wrecks budgets. 

So how can you avoid businesses like this? 

While exploring the number of video production companies available to help you create this 21st-century content, it’s important to know how to spot incompetent video production companies. 

Let us take you through some common characteristics to look out for when dealing with incompetent video production companies.

5 Ways to spot Incompetent Video Production Companies

1. No Samples Available

Any video company worth its salt will have numerous examples of video clips that generally relate to your genre. 

If you’re a corporation that’s looking to solidify your brand and the production company only has video examples of their cousin’s wedding, it’s time to pass. 

Good video production companies will also be able to provide references, which you should definitely investigate to see how easy the company is to work with. 

It’s also important to find out if the company meets deadlines as promised and if there are any issues with overcharging or quality of work.

2. Guarantee Your Video will go Viral

If anyone knew exactly what makes a video go viral, then there would be a heck of a lot more viral videos in the world. 

A viral video is the result of a ‘perfect storm’ where the subject matter, message, performances, and audience interest all come together to create something magical. 

Unfortunately, there is little magic in the creation of a good video; it just takes a lot of experience and hard work.

3. Quote a Price Without Asking Your Objective

Creating great marketing deliverables is something that good video production companies take very seriously. 

It starts with the pre-production meeting, where they should quiz you on your goals for this video, as well as your expected return on investment. 

It then moves into the creative stage, where an experienced company will do all they can to create amazing imagery that integrates with strong storytelling in an attempt to make that viral video that everyone desires.

4. Specialize in Everything

If any of the video production companies you interview tell you they specialize in weddings, corporate films, music videos, baby montages, and feature films, you should run to the nearest exit. 

Unless their CEO is named Spielberg, it’s unlikely any company can be everything to everybody

Look for a company that has experience in the types of videos you want to make

The old saying ‘Jack of all trades, master of none,’ is a recipe for disaster in the corporate video world.

5. Much of the Work is Subcontracted

Many video production companies consist of just one or two people that run the camera and the boom mic. 

They may try to wing the pre- and post-production aspect of creating a video by subcontracting these services out to another company. 

By doing that, you lose some control over the process, which can result in a substandard product. 

You’re better off utilizing a company that takes the video from brainstorming to fruition, working with you to adjust the message throughout the process until you have an outstanding final video.

Summing up 5 Ways to spot incompetent video production companies

Choose a video production company that has the experience, equipment, and people to help you create a phenomenal video marketing plan. 

Whether you decide to share your videos on your website, YouTube, on social media, in television commercials, or a combination of all of them, you’ll be solidifying your brand and establishing yourself as your industry’s expert.

We’re here to answer questions or thoughts in the comments! 

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