Because of Plexus Survey

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    You’ve been selected to participate in the “Because of Plexus” docu-series! We are excited to learn more about your story and work with you on this project. As a brief overview, our producers will capture a “day in the life” with you. Filming will take place for one full day where we’ll have a sit down interview discussing the questions below and film various scenes of what a day in the life looks like for you. During the pre-production phase, our team will coordinate the logistics of filming with you directly and may ask you to participate in more than one pre-production zoom meeting.


    ● Customers or Ambassadors who may have recently joined and are looking for inspiration or relatable stories that help them to stay motivated towards success.

    ● Ambassadors that have been in the business for a while that look for inspiration from others to stay energized.

    ● Customers or Ambassadors that want to share a story with someone they feel it will resonate with.

    ● Ambassadors that have chosen to explore the opportunity and these provide a life’s look at possibilities and rewards for consistency and dedication.


    ● Please allow 30-45 minutes to complete this survey. Feel free to "save and continue later" to take as much time as you need.

    Please do not "refresh" the page while completing this survey as information could be lost.

    ● We want to know more about your unique story! Please elaborate where you can and avoid single sentence answers 😀 .