About Ambient Skies

Our Mission

Ambient Skies isn’t just another production company, we’re a collective of adventurous filmmakers who seek to shine a light on the heart of every story we tell. Founded in 2007, the creative energy we emanate is ever growing and it’s with that energy that we craft authentic content for a wide array of clients across the globe. Clients from all walks of life that have their own special story to tell. 

The A Team

John Schaus

CEO / EP / Director

Trenton Massey

Writer / DP / Editor

Richard Charney

Producer / Director / PM

Kelly Sells

Director of Business Development

Sarah Trott

Biz Dev Assist / Social Media

Erik Teichmann

SysAdmin / Developer / Data Mgmt

Digital Research

Indicates Content

Must Be Engaging,

Story Driven &

Personable to

Properly Convert

Audiences & Grow




Trust our Process

We offer a wide range of services customized to every client’s needs. We align our content creation with your marketing goals. This is a partnership. We fully integrate your vision and wishes with our creativity to achieve amazing results and tell your story. If you have a vision, we can get it to the screen.